Finding it difficult to digitalise your business?

RM5,000 Grant Subsidy for Your Businesses Digital Adoption

Accelerate your businesses digital adoption with Selangor SME Digital Matching Grant

Has your business been finding difficult to digitalise? Accelerate digital adoption with Selangor SME Digital Matching Grant. This new initiative provided by Selangor government to aims to help SMEs with the cost of digitalising their business operation.



Digitalisation Areas

The Selangor government is providing a 50% matching grant or a maximum of RM5,000 for Selangor SMEs to navigate through this pandemic. BoardRoom is one of the approved digital service providers to assist SMEs in their digitalisation journey.

BoardRoom is the approved digital service provider (DSP) for the following solution

Payroll Accounting
HR & Payroll System Cloud Accounting


Grant Eligibility Criteria

  • Registered under the relevant law of Malaysia
  • Business address or operation address registered in Selangor only
  • Must be at least 51% owned by Malaysians
  • In operation for at least 1 year
  • Required to have a minimum annual sales turnover of RM300,000 and not exceeding RM3 million


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